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Bernadette Macias a.k.a. Ms Murder

Photo of Bernadette Macias

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Bernadette Macias, also known as Ms Murder, is a print model from Redlands, California, USA.

Numerous photos of Ms Murder have been published various times, both on the web and it magazines. Just so there is not confusion, she does not do nudes.

Bernadette is also a regular spokes model at major conventions and tradeshows. Ms Murder is also the main host of SullenTV as well as the FACE of Sullen Clothing, as well as appeared in various music videos, commercials, and is a regular on PLAYBOY radios morning show.

There are many more photos of Bernadette Macias here. In fact, there are a lot of beautiful, tattooed women at  HeavilyTattooedGirls.com

Ms Olivia Black

Ms Olivia Black

Ms Olivia Black is a tattooed alt model who does a lot of fetish work. She has never appeared on the reality TV show Pawn Stars, nor been a Suicide Girl. Photo by Tommy O

The Ms Olivia Black featured on this page never appeared on Pawn Stars.

There are two well known, beautiful, brunette alternative models named Olivia Black. First, there is Ms Olivia Black here, plus Oliva Black who was fired from the A&E / History Channel reality show Pawn Stars once it was revealed she had posed nude for SuicideGirls.com. I constantly see photos of Ms Olivia Black here mistakenly added to articles about Pawn Stars / SuicideGirl Oliva Black. Obviously the writers have no clue about the permanence of tattoos because absolutely, positively, they do not changed from arm to arm once in place.

Our Miss Black here has her right arm tattooed while her left is ink free other than a tattoo in the crook of her arm. Oliva Black goes with the mirror image, her left arm being inked while the right is almost bare. Plus, the tattoos look nothing alike, nor do the two women.

Connect with Ms Olivia Black on Twitter or check out her personal website MsOliviaBlack.com.

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